Brakes are a critically important part of your vehicle. Properly tuned brakes allow you to safely adjust your speed after accelerating, and can help avoid a potential collision, too. So, it’s important to take care of your brakes as the years go on and, at certain times, brake parts need to be replaced. By staying up to date on necessary brake maintenance, you’ll ensure that your car continues to deliver a safe and secure ride.

So, if you’re looking for a service center to do brake repair near me in Atlantic City, Egg Harbor, or Vineland, check out BMW of Atlantic City. Whether it’s simple maintenance or a part repair or replacement, our experienced staff offers dedicated brake repair services.

Browse through this page and click on any links that interest you to learn more about brake repair. Contact our team if you have any questions or if you want to schedule an appointment with our service center.

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Visit Our Service Center near You

When your car’s ready for brake repair or maintenance, visit our on-site auto service center. Our BMW certified technicians will take the time to inspect every component in your braking system to ensure that we’re diagnosing and treating the problem. We’ll recommend the best course of action to get you back on the road quickly, so you can enjoy all that the shore has to offer.

Our technicians promise to perform all your desired services efficiently while still maintaining a high level of quality and care. When you do have to wait, though, our center offers free Wi-Fi to help you get some work done or to stay entertained throughout your visit. We also have complimentary bottled water and snacks for your enjoyment.

For the utmost convenience, you can take advantage of our courtesy shuttle. We’ll be happy to drop you off at work and pick you up when your auto services are done.

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Signs You May Need Brake Repair

Regular maintenance is the best way to stay up to date with your brakes, but there are times when it’s not always possible to keep up with every bit of care needed for your car. The following are some of the most common signs that brake repair may be needed:

  • Odd Noises

Squealing, squeaking, or grinding coming from the brakes when you press down on them might mean it’s time for brake pad replacement. If the brake pads have worn down, it can make an unpleasant sound that can potentially damage your rotors, so it’s best to seek a service center whenever you hear unusual noises.

  • Sharply Pulling to One Side

If you find yourself jerking the wheel to keep your car relatively straight, the brakes or wheels might need to be looked at. This can often be solved with a quick adjustment or the addition of brake fluid, so speak to a member of our service team.

  • Vibration when Pressing Brakes

A pulsing or vibrating felt through your foot when you hit the brakes could mean that the brakes are worn down. If your steering wheel shakes when hitting the brakes, that may be a sign of an issue, too.

  • Soft Brake Pedal

Always pay attention to any changes in your vehicle, including a change in the resistance when you hit the brake pedal. If it feels softer or sinks to the floor, it’s best to seek a service center right away to avoid weak braking.

  • Burning Smell

A strong chemical odor can occur when your brakes have been working too hard. Pull over immediately and check your parking brake to reduce the risk of overheating your brake fluid. Consult your owner’s manual or call a service center if you have additional questions or concerns.

Always pay attention to your vehicle and take note of anything out of the ordinary. If there’s a strange noise or sound, or if something seems off about your car, reach out to a member of our team today and we’ll happily assist you in any way we can.

Schedule Your Brake Service Today

If you’ve noticed any of the common warning signs while driving the roads of Atlantic City, Egg Harbor, and Vineland, bring your vehicle to our service center. Our experienced staff will investigate any issue and offer a solution.

Schedule brake service near you today at BMW of Atlantic City. We’re here to help with all your automotive needs.

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