Car Battery Replacement

How often do you think about batteries before something stops working? If you don't, you're far from alone. Most people assume everything is working fine until one day it breaks down. Your remote stops changing the channel on your TV or your car won't start. We usually forget about them until it's too late.

The service team at BMW of Atlantic City wants to keep drivers from Vineland to Egg Harbor up to speed on car battery replacement, so you won't get stranded somewhere with a car that won't start.

How to Jump a Car Battery

Low Battery Warning Signs

When your battery is running low, your car gives you warning signs. If you notice, for example, that it takes the engine longer to turn over, that can mean that the charge is fading. Another potential sign can be your dashboard lights or headlights appearing dimmer than usual. You should also watch for the dashboard light in the shape of your battery that comes on when there's an issue with your charging system.

In some cases, you can even check by looking under the hood. Signs of corrosion around the terminals or on the battery itself can be an indicator that you should replace the battery.

How Often Do Batteries Need To Be Replaced

Just as with most parts, from tires to windshield wipers, the interval between battery replacements can vary depending on your driving habits and where you live. If you live in an area that's colder and don't drive very much, the parts under your hood are going to have a very different experience from someone who drives an hour to and from work every day in a city where it's hot year-round. In both situations though, you'll want to avoid idling or leaving the key in the ignition when the engine is turned off. Both of these can drain its power faster

It's recommended that after your battery reaches three years old, that you get it checked once a year, or every time you go in for an oil change.

Battery Replacement at BMW of Atlantic City

At BMW of Atlantic City, we don't want to see our customers stranded somewhere when your car won't start. That's why we have a staff of factory trained technicians in our service center who are proud to help drivers in Egg Harbor and Vineland.

Come in to BMW of Atlantic City for all your car battery replacement, routine maintenance, and other service needs. Schedule service online today.

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