How Long Do Brakes Last?

 Brake Repair

Most of the parts of your vehicle have a shelf life-your tires, your headlight bulbs, and even your brakes. Most people have an inkling about when to expect each part to need repair or replacement, but no part of your car lets you know quite like the brakes will.  One day your peaceful drive through Atlantic City, Egg Harbor Township, or Vineland might be interrupted by a squealing sound, but how long do you have until that happens?

At BMW of Atlantic City, we want to help you keep your vehicle in pristine condition, and our service center can do just that.  However, we also want to help you identify when your brakes should be replaced before you get that noisy little reminder. Our handy guide may help you anticipate their repair and maybe extend their lives with some tips and tricks for which you should look and listen.

Lifespan of Brakes

When you discuss the brakes, you have to think about the two components that are replaced most often-the brake pads and the rotors.  Typically, a good set of brake pads is meant to last anywhere from 25,000 to 60,000 miles.  The life of your pads depends largely on how you brake, where you’re traveling most, and your brake pad material.

With your rotors, you’re looking at 30,000 to 70,000 miles, but once again there are factors that contribute to their premature wear.  If you’re in an area with a great deal of stop-and-go traffic, both of these components, the pads and the rotors, are going to wear down faster.

Tips and Tricks to Extend Their Lives

For your brake pads, we mentioned your brake material is one of the culprits in how fast they wear, right?  Ceramic pads are the champ when it comes to stopping-power, but there is also a lot more of the pad being eaten away when you stop, so you may want to consider a semi-metallic pad if you’re in a lot of traffic.  The more you stop and go, the more brake pad you’re sacrificing.

Brake TipsThe best way to preserve your rotors is to ensure that your brake pads aren’t damaging them when they get too low.  The way you drive will have a lot to do with how your brakes and rotors wear as well, especially if you’re a last-minute brake applier.  Slow down a bit and gently brake whenever possible, as this will reduce wear and expand the life of your pads, as well as your rotors.

Brake Service Experts

When all protective efforts have failed you and the time has come to repair your brakes, our service center is here to help.  Our team of highly-trained experts can help to diagnose which part of your braking system requires the repairs, and fix that part accordingly.

On our website, our customers are able to easily and conveniently schedule their next service appointments from the comfort of their home or office.  If you choose to wait with your car, please feel free to tap into our Wi-Fi® and keep up with the office, or simply buy that pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing.  Your service will be completed expeditiously, and you’ll be able to be on your way as soon as possible.

Your Repair Headquarters

At BMW of Atlantic City, our service professionals will take care of everything you may need during your visit, from complimentary drinks to a full explanation of your service.  Once we’ve completed the repair or replacement of your brakes, you’ll be better able to enjoy your date nights, grocery trips, or friends’ night out in Vineland, Egg Harbor Township, or Atlantic City. Contact us today to get started on your next brake repair!