Why Is My Battery Light On?

Get Your Battery Looked At

A problem with your car’s battery may raise a lot of different questions. Most people don’t have to worry about their battery until they leave their lights on overnight. Sometimes, though, your battery light comes on while you’re driving.

Don’t worry—BMW of Atlantic City is here to help drivers in the Atlantic City, Egg Harbor, and Vineland areas understand what is wrong with their vehicles and how they can deal with it. Read more to learn why your battery light is on and what you can do to keep it charged and fix the problem.

How Does the Battery Work?

Dashboard Battery Warning LightYour car’s battery is a fairly simple yet integral part of the vehicle’s system. At first glance, your car battery works like any normal battery. It typically holds a charge of around 12 volts and it’s used to power electrical systems within the car, such as the headlights, dashboard, radio, and spark plugs.

The part that makes your car’s battery unique is the alternator. This is the part of the car that generates a charge as the car moves. The alternator ensures that your vehicle never runs out of charge while it’s running. If your alternator isn’t working, your battery will slowly drain until empty.

What Turned on the Car Battery Light?

Your car has systems in place to ensure that the battery is always receiving the proper charge. If your car’s sensors pick up that there’s an insufficient current going to the battery, it activates your battery light while you’re driving.

Insufficient current to the battery is usually the result of a faulty alternator. If your battery light is on, you should make it your priority to have your vehicle serviced as soon as possible before your car runs out of battery charge altogether.

What to Do When Your Battery Is Low

Getting Your Battery CheckedIf your battery light comes on and stays on, try to get to a service center as soon as possible. Your car will run off the charge left on the battery, so you have time to get to a mechanic.

Try your best to use as little power as possible: Don’t use the radio; if the conditions are right, don’t run your headlights; etc. Probably the most important part is to avoid turning your car off before you get to the service center. Your car may not turn back on after turning it off if it hasn’t been serviced yet.

Schedule an Appointment at Our Service Center

If your vehicle is experiencing issues with battery charge, the most important thing to do is not to wait. Get the problem fixed as soon as possible. Your car can stop running entirely if you don’t have it taken care of soon.

At BMW of Atlantic City, we offer alternator repairs and more for drivers in the Atlantic City, Egg Harbor, and Vineland areas. We’ll have you back on the road with no hassle thanks to our team of skilled service professionals.

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