How to Keep Your Battery Lasting Longer

car battery with meterAs your battery provides the spark to fire up your ignition, you want to keep it in good condition for as long as you can. A normal car battery is built to last between three to five years and will normally function well for about six years. In the Atlantic City, Egg Harbor, and Vineland areas, you’ll experience many great years with your battery, but there are a few things you can do to make it last even longer.

At BMW of Atlantic City, our service team wants to help our customers in any way that we can, which is why we’ve created this guide packed full of helpful tips on making sure your battery lasts. Here on our site, we’ve compiled the top five tips for getting the best battery longevity!

Top 5 Ways to Make Your Battery Last

  1. Clean It Regularly: If you start to notice signs of corrosion on your battery, it’s time to clean it off. The best way to do this is to get a toothbrush and clean the terminals with some baking soda and water; this will help power through the corrosion and keep your battery longer lasting. You’ll want to rinse the mixture away and dry everything thoroughly.
  2. Drive Longer: Short trips will not completely charge your battery the way they should, so you’ll want to limit these types of trips. When you drive for longer distances, your battery has the chance to recharge thoroughly, so if you have to drive short distances, try to stack the trips into one lengthier journey.
  3. Check the Lights: When you exit your vehicle, make sure that all the lights are turned off—this includes dome lights and any map lights you may have turned on while preparing to exit your car. Lights that have been left on can drain the battery, so always double check before you leave the vehicle.
  4. car batteryAvoid Extreme Temperatures: The hottest days of summer and the coldest days of winter can be harmful to your battery. Extreme temperatures drain the life of your battery quickly, so you’ll want to check the battery often to ensure proper functioning.
  5. Routine Battery Inspections: Every so often, you should schedule a battery inspection with your local service center to make sure it’s functioning at its optimal level. They’ll check to make sure your battery is functioning properly, everything is correctly connected, and that the battery is securely fitted under the hood.

Schedule Your Battery Service or Replacement

When it comes to your car, the battery is of the utmost importance, so you’ll want to make sure that it functions at its highest levels at all times. If you keep up with the aforementioned tips, you should have a fairly easy time with your battery in the Atlantic City, Egg Harbor, and Vineland areas.

However, every battery needs some routine maintenance every now and then, and at BMW of Atlantic City, we can help. We’re here for all your battery inspections, battery checks, and battery replacements when the time comes. Schedule your appointment by giving us a call or going online today!