How Often Should Your Change Your Oil?

If you have synthetic oil, you should have your oil changed every 10,000 miles. For conventional, you should get your oil change every 5,000 miles. If you’re still not sure, consult your owners manual.

Miles Between Oil Changes

If you drive a BMW or any other vehicle, you’ve probably noticed a dashboard light shaped like an oil can that glows when you need an oil change. It’s a good safety net, but ideally you don’t want to wait until your indicator lights go on to schedule service. So, exactly how often should you change your oil? Our team at BMW of Atlantic City has compiled this guide to oil changes for drivers near Atlantic City, Egg Harbor, and Vineland, NJ, for your convenience. Read it to shed some light on proper oil change intervals.

Your Oil Change Interval

Signs You Need an Oil Change

For drivers of BMW vehicles, 10,000 miles or 12 months is the recommended point at which to have your engine oil and oil filter changed. However, many manufacturers recommend changing your oil every 5,000 miles or 6 months (whichever comes first). Depending on the car you drive, how often you should change your oil may be different.

That’s why it’s vital to check the owner’s manual or maintenance guide for your specific make and model, which can usually be found online. Following your manufacturer-recommended routine service schedule is the best way to keep your engine and other vehicle systems running at their best.

Oil Changes in Extreme Operating Conditions

Why is My Car Leaking Oil

Vehicles often have slightly different servicing schedules for vehicles operating under extreme conditions and that can include oil changes. You may be wondering exactly what extreme operating conditions are. It’s really a catchall term and may include anything from frequent driving in stop-and-go traffic to hauling heavy loads.

On older vehicles, this may necessitate changing oil every 1,000 to 3,000 miles, but drivers of newer cars should closely follow their manufacturer’s recommendations for extreme use. Your owner’s guide should precisely detail the driving conditions, if any, that would require more frequent oil changes.

Why Are Oil Changes Important?

Service Techs

Oil lubricates the moving metal parts in your engine and keeps them from grinding against each other when the engine is running. This helps to decrease the heat generated by friction and therefore keeps systems from overheating and causing potentially irreparable damage to your engine.

Longtime drivers will attest to the fact that keeping up with routine maintenance makes you safer behind the wheel and reduces repair costs in the long run. Changing your oil and filter periodically is much more economical than shouldering the costs of complex engine repair or replacement work.

How Often Should You Change Your OilSigns It’s Time for an Oil Change

There are some signs you can keep an eye out for when it comes time for an oil change. These are clear signs that it’s time to bring your vehicle to our service center for maintenance.

Engine noise is an obvious one. When the oil is properly lubricating the engine, things are running smoothly. However, if there is no oil in the car, or the oil has become thick due to a lack of oil change, there will be metal-on-metal sounds coming from the engine itself. Engine noise will only increase, and you may hear rumbling noises, as the engine starts to tear itself apart.

Clean oil should be amber in color and relatively viscous. Over time, though, oil will break down, which makes it a good idea to check the oil. Take the dipstick out, wipe it off, put it back in, and then check the oil level to ensure you have enough in your vehicle.

If there’s an oil smell inside the vehicle, that’s an obvious sign. It can signify that there’s a leak and your car may be overheating. We’ll be sure to take a look at any of these issues as soon as possible.

How Often Should You Change Your OilWhat Do We Do During an Oil Change?

An oil change is a bit more involved than just opening up your car’s hood and pouring new oil into the engine. We take the necessary steps to remove the old, worn oil while replacing it with the right oil for your vehicle. This may be a synthetic oil, synthetic blend, conventional oil, or perhaps a high-mileage oil which protects your car’s engine.

We also replace the oil filter. This filter prevents dirt, dust, and debris from reaching the engine itself, but it will become clogged as time goes on. A new oil filter allows the engine to breathe clearly as you’re driving.

We’ll finish up with a quick inspection of the fluids, lights, and overall health of the engine, and then send you on your way!

How Often Should You Change Your OilCan I Top Off My Oil?

Yes, this is always an option, provided you’ve checked the engine and the oil levels seem low. If you will be adding oil, check to make sure that the oil is viscous and amber in color. If this is the case, then topping off the oil is fine!

However, this won’t remove older, sludgy oil, as it merely mixes with this topped-off product. If the oil in your car is dark in color and thick, then it’s time to schedule an oil change. If you’re low on oil, it’s a good idea to top things off. That being said, a full oil change should follow if the existing oil isn’t up to par.

Schedule Your Oil Change at Our Service Center

So how often should you change your oil? As we’ve seen, the answer can seem a bit complicated, but you can always consult your owner’s manual or an experienced auto technician for the best schedule to follow. The next time you think you need a BMW oil change, feel free to schedule service at BMW of Atlantic City!

Our factory-trained service team can perform oil changes on any car that comes into our shop. Be sure to check out our service specials to see how you can save, and we’ll have your car ready for the roads of Egg Harbor Township, Atlantic City, and Vineland in no time!

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