Warning Signs That Your Transmission is in Trouble

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Whether you drive an automatic or manual, your transmission is among your car’s most integral and intricate components. It is essentially the brain of the car’s engine, helping to transfer certain amounts of the engine’s power to the wheels to keep you moving on the road. To make sure you are never stuck in a transmission rut, check out this list of warning signs that will help Atlantic City, Egg Harbor, and Vineland area drivers to spot troubles with your transmission.

Signs of Transmission Problems

There are many different signs of transmission problems. These include:

  • Slippage
  • Noisy shifting
  • Delayed movement
  • Fluid leaks

Let’s look at each of these warning signs below in detail.

Warning Sign #1: Transmission Slipping

Transmission Sign NoiseIf your car is an automatic, does it seem to change gears randomly or when it is not supposed to? You may be driving in a certain gear and then feel the transmission shift slowly out of the blue. This can be a slipping transmission. Your car may also struggle to accelerate on the road as it strains to shift gears.

Warning Sign #2: Noisy Shifting

If your vehicle has been making odd sounds when the automatic or manual transmission shifts, this is definitely a warning sign. It is important to note both types of transmissions make different sounds when malfunctioning. Manual transmissions might make a grinding noise when shifting into another gear. This could mean it is time for a new clutch. Automatic transmissions may generate a whining noise and could cause your car to shimmy into each gear.

Warning Sign #3: Delayed Movement

The different driving modes of a vehicle help us move forward, backward, and park. Normally your car should shift without any hesitation. If you notice a delay before it jerks into motion, it can be a red flag. This delay can happen when putting the vehicle into drive or reverse.  If you notice your car delaying before it engages in movement, it’s a potential sign of transmission issues. Delays in movement can also put you and other drivers on the road in danger of an accident.

Warning Sign #4: Fluid Leaks

Replacing Transmission FluidWhile most people never check their transmission fluid, it is very important to keep an eye on it, as this is what keeps your transmission well-lubricated and ensures that it will transition gears smoothly. If you have noticed drips or even puddles in your driveway or garage floors, check to see if your transmission is leaking. The fluid will be bright or dark red in color. If it is, you should get your vehicle to a service center immediately.

Schedule Your Transmission Checkup

If you observe or hear any of these transmission warning signs, bring your car in to be inspected by our experienced service team at BMW of Atlantic City. We provide top quality maintenance and technical service for all local Atlantic City, Egg Harbor, and Vineland area BMW owners. Schedule a service appointment today!