Why Is My Car Heater Blowing Cold Air?

When you’re riding the streets of Atlantic City, Egg Harbor, and Vineland, one of the most annoying questions you might need to ask yourself is: “Why is my car heater blowing cold air?”. Whether you love the cold weather or want nothing to do with it, one thing is for certain—a working heater makes winter driving much more pleasant.

There are a variety of reasons why your car heating is blowing cold air:

  • No coolant
  • Heater core issues
  • Heater Control Problems
  • Faulty Thermostat

To help you discover what the possible reason is, BMW of Atlantic City will go more in-depth about these possible causes on why your car heater is blowing cold air. Follow the steps we provide for each one, and you’ll be set for some warmer winter driving.

Out of Coolant

Car Heater Dial

Despite its chilly name, coolant actually works hard to heat up your vehicle during colder months. While it keeps your engine cool, it also hovers above your heater’s core and blows all that warm air right into your vents, which in turn heats your cabin.

If your vehicle is lacking the proper amount of coolant, that hot air isn’t going to make it inside your car. To see if this is the issue, add some more coolant under the hood.

Heater Core Issue

In order for the aforementioned coolant to get to the place it needs to be and warm your car, your heater core needs to be working properly. This element also defrosts your windows and plays an important part in keeping your vehicle toasty.

If there is enough coolant in your vehicle, the heater core may be the culprit of cold air blowing through your vents. Other symptoms of this problem include:

  • Fog inside your car
  • Your coolant is being used quicker than usual
  • You also might smell a sweet scent inside your car.

If these are happening, reach out to your certified service center to diagnose the issue.

Heater Control Problems

When there’s cold air coming through your vents, it may be because your vehicle’s heater controllers are faulty. Over time and much usage, it’s common that these buttons and dials become clogged and broken, making it hard for them to send a message to heat your car.

Luckily enough, this is an easy fix. Visit your dealership’s maintenance center and they can either fix or replace these controls for you.

Faulty Thermostat

Testing Car Vent

One of the most popular problems car heaters experience is when the thermostat is not working as it should. If the heating and temperature gauges are misreading and giving you the wrong degrees inside of your vehicle, it’s because your thermostat is broken. This makes it unable to tell that the engine is warm enough to bring that coolant in, resulting in cold air blowing out.

However, this is a relatively easy repair that the certified technicians at your dealership can quickly make. Schedule an appointment and be in a warm car in no time.

Keep Toasty in Atlantic City, Egg Harbor, & Vineland This Winter

At BMW of Atlantic City, we hope this article answered your question: “Why is my heater blowing cold air?” If you’re in need of heater repairs to keep you and your passengers comfortable this winter, visit our service center today!