Massage Control Gives You Driving Relaxation In Your BMW

February 16th, 2017 by

Here at BMW of Atlantic City, when we highlight all the features on select BMW vehicles, many people’s ear perk up when they here that there are available massage control seats. Of course, the first thing we get asked after that is how it all works and what does it do, well, here’s how:

  • When you use the massage function on your BMW, you’re getting the benefit of relaxed muscles and blood circulation to avoid fatigue while you drive
  • There are eight different massages available, ranging from shoulder, lumbar, back, upper body, and full body massages in the driver and passenger sides
  • To activate the massage function, press the button located on the doors to turn it on, and again to up the intensity level, or turn off
  • You can adjust the massage settings via iDrive by going to ‘My Vehicle’ then ‘Vehicle Settings’ and select ‘Seat Comfort’ to activate it on the driver’s or passenger side
  • You can select your seat massage and allow the iDrive to actively display the current settings for you on the screen, too

You can stop in and learn more in our showroom where we’d be happy to provide you with more details of all our BMW vehicles.

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