Your Reasons To Attend The Atlantic City Saint Patrick’s Day Parade

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Before heading out to all the Irish bars that Atlantic City has to offer, there are other ways to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. In fact, everyone is looking forward to the parade, so if you’re thinking about going to this fun event that’s filled with family, friends, and neighbors, we’ve got a few reasons that you should go to the Annual Atlantic City Saint Patrick’s Day Parade.

Ac St. Patty’s Day Parade Details

St. Patty’s Day is not until March 17th, but the parade is a little bit sooner. The parade kicks off on March 10th at 1:00 p.m. All the participants and floats will embark on the route, departing at the Grand Pier on the Boardwalk. The parade will work its way down the boardwalk south until it reaches Albany Avenue. The Grand Marshalls of the parade this year are Sharon Essl and Joe Crilley. Get more details by following the AC St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Facebook.

Why You Should Attend The Saint Patrick’s Day Parade In Atlantic City

It’s A Cause For Celebration

While most people consider Saint Patrick’s Day as an excuse to bar hop and drink green beer, it’s actually a pretty important observance for Irish-Americans honoring a saint who stood up to tyranny and oppression. It helps remind us of the struggles that Irish immigrants went through when they arrived at this country to start a new life of social and religious freedom.

It’s Family-friendly Fun

Parades are always a great way to spend some time and have fun with the family. The little ones will watch the parade in amazement and enjoy the festivities. Bring a blanket or chairs so you and your family can sit back, relax, and enjoy the parade.

Its Free Live Entertainment

It doesn’t cost a thing to attend the parade. You can find your spot and watch the performers and floats travel south on the boardwalk. There’s bright colors, dancers, and marching bands that are not only providing joy to the parade-goers, but they’re also having a great time!

It’s A Chance To Meet People

Considering the draw that the parade brings, it’s your chance to meet some new people and neighbors, and even make friends. These types of gatherings always invoke friendly camaraderie, so who knows? You may meet a lifelong friend after a simple conversation. You may even run into some of them during the bar crawls decked out in green attire the following week.

It’s A Chance To Get Out Of The House

You’ve probably been cooped up all winter, at least during your off-time. This parade is a great chance to kick the dust off and stretch your legs. You’ll be able to get ready for the warmer weather where you’ll be outside more often.

Get Into The Spirit Of St. Patty’s Day

The best reason to attend the Saint Patrick’s Day parade in Atlantic City is that it’ll help kick-start the spirit in you to get ready for the holiday. Whether you’re Irish or not, it’s a great celebration filled with fun, friends, and, of course, green beer and attire!

Plan your trip to the annual Atlantic City Saint Patrick’s Day Parade so you can see all the best floats, make some friends, and get into the spirit of the holiday!

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