Eight Signs You Grew Up At The Jersey Shore

December 21st, 2017 by

There is something quite special about those of us who grew up at the Jersey Shore. Let’s start with our insatiable love for the beach or our meticulous taste for what sets a Jersey bagel apart from the rest.

No matter what Jersey beach you grew up with in your backyard, we’re sure you can relate to these eight signs that you’re a Jersey shore native.

1. The Beach Isn’t Just A Vacation Spot; It’s Home

No matter what the season, you have to be on the beach. You’ll throw on a sweatshirt and go in the fall, or a few extra layers in the winter. It’s part of you, and you’re part of it—it’s your home, after all.

2. You Know The Term Benny

OK, this is not to offend anyone. But Jersey Shore locals use this term to describe tourists who come to our beaches during the summer months. If we see a Pennsylvania or New York license plate, we’re probably referring to you as a BENNY… But we love that our tourists keep our economy strong and that they love our beaches enough to keep coming back.

3. You Could Detect The Jersey Bagel In A Tasting Contest

Jersey bagels are unlike anything else. If you’re from the Jersey Shore, you know what we’re talking about. Add your favorite breakfast meat, some egg, and cheese, and you’ve got perfection to start your day.

4. Speaking Of Tasting Contests, There’s No Such Thing As Bad Pizza

You’ll never be afraid of a bad slice of pizza at the Jersey Shore. It just doesn’t exist.

5. You Were Affected By Hurricane Sandy In Some Way

No matter which Jersey Shore you’re from, Hurricane Sandy affected you in one way or another. Perhaps your family had to rebuild their home, or you became a part of the Restore the Shore movement. No matter what your situation, it still resonates with you.

6. You More Than Likely Spent Your Prom Weekend In Wildwood

All (high school) seniors welcome. Boardwalk fun for everyone. We’ve all done it.

7. You Really Love Bruce Springsteen, Or Bon Jovi—or Most Likely, Both.

Not all heroes wear capes. If you’re from the Jersey Shore, you idolize The Boss or Bon Jovi, and have some kind of story to tell about your close encounter with the two, or someone who knew someone who had a somewhat-close encounter.

8. You Always Somehow End Up Right At Home

No matter how far you go, or how long you leave, you always come back to your hometown, where the beach is your backyard. Jersey Shore natives often times don’t ever leave, so you’re not surprised that your best friend from kindergarten has shacked up three houses down from your parents’. At the Jersey Shore, there really is no place like home.

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