The BMW 5 Series Offers High Luxury All Over

October 26th, 2016 by

With lots of style, elegance, and technology, the BMW 5 Series makes a big impression. It has a whole list of features that are able to amaze you, and here at BMW of Atlantic City, we’ve put together just a few reasons why taking a closer look is worth your time.

  • The BMW 5 Series boasts new headlights that seamlessly integrate into the new kidney grille, which is able to improve aerodynamics and reduce carbon dioxide emissions
  • The vehicle now has a lighter weight frame thanks to added aluminum, leading to more agility and efficiency while still keeping the highest standards
  • With the BMW 5 Series, you will find engine prowess with a 340-horsepower engine on the 540i, along with diesel-powered options, too
  • You’re going to find Integral Active Steering on the BMW 5 Series, which gives you more agility, stability and a smaller turning radius for more precision
  • There are now four different driving modes available on the BMW 5 Series, which includes Sport, Comfort, Eco, and the new Adaptive driving mode which is able to auto determine the right mode based on your driving an other indicators
  • You also get the benefit of Driver Assistance Plus, which is a semi-autonomous and allows you to let the vehicle drive in select driving settings like the highway
  • There’s also Crossroads Warning, which is able to detect vehicles that are coming into your cross sections, alert you, and apply the brakes if needed
  • For technology, you’re also getting the new dash monitor which allows you to personalize, while using touch, gesture control, or voice command
  • With BMW Connected, you are able to get all your relevant info on display on the screen, and synced with your smartphone so you’re always prepared as well
  • There’s also wireless phone charging on the BMW 5 Series which adds plenty of convenience of having a charge at all times
  • You can even remotely park your vehicle using the remote control and touch screen BMW Display Key available on the BMW 5 Series

Feel free to contact us to learn more and our team would be happy to highlight all the features on the BMW 5 Series today.

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